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As we all know the Corona virus is a huge pandemic in the world right now. With everthing going on such as events being canceled, bars and restaurants closing, schools being dismissed and even work places allowing there employees to work from home or not work at all! All of this giving people a little extra time to be at home! How are you spending you’re extra time to yourself?

Sometimes we get so caught up with our busy lives that we forget to actually take time to reflect and make time for ourselves. My main point of this blog is to help you pay attention more to your self care duties to help become a better you. As you read this blog I want you to take a moment and think about how you are spending your free time or your alone time. We have to nurture our minds and souls and with this corona pandemic now is the perfect time to wine down and just relax.

I enjoy my alone time. I would say I’m a introvert and a extrovert. I love being social, I enjoy meeting others! I could be super fun and outgoing, that’s the extrovert in me. When I’m recharging is when I get into introvert mode. When people think of introvert they may think of weird or standoffish but I call it my self care.

My self care includes these 5 things meditation, reading, writing, meal planning and then action!

  1. Meditation. I don’t have a set meditation posture for when I meditate. I usually just relax sit back and think. Of course I have a cup of green tea. I’m usually able to meditate when I’m home alone. I make sure I don’t have any music on or any TVs on. I usually mediate with the lights off or dim.

  2. My meditation then leads to reading. Reading sets the tone for me. It gets my mind going. I like to read fiction or non fiction books depending on my mood. I like to read fiction books when I feel as if My brain is scattered. Fiction books always seems to open up my mind more because most fiction books are about things I never could have imagined. I read non fiction self help books when I’m really focused and I need encouragement to keep going.

  3. My reading them leads to writing. When I write I usually write about my day, I write a prayer, I write about things that I’m thankful for or I write down things I wish to accomplish.

  4. My writing then leads to meal planning. Meal planning is important to me because it leads to all things to impact my well being. I’ll include meal planning ideas on another day :)

ACTION! After I have achieved meditation, reading, writing and meal planning it is then time to action on achieving the best version of me.

These are all steps to help you achieve over all wellness and happiness. Get ready to take on a new task and succeed at it! If you would like more details on becoming a better you subscribe to my site and we can have a 1:1 chat about your self care!!!!


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