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Clarisonic Mia Prima Brush for cleansing to get beautiful skin!

Cleansing your skin is one major step towards beautiful skin. When you cleanse you want to make sure you remove all make up or any pollutants hiding in pores! The Clairsonic Mia Prima Facial Cleansing & Pore Minimizing Skin Care Device is the perfect brush for cleansing. The Mia Prima brush is great for pores, acne and blemishes and dull, uneven skin texture! When I would cleanse with just my hands I felt as if I was not getting the job done. This brush is a total package of cleansing the skin, firming and massaging the skin and removing make up. All your skincare needs can be taken care of in this really smart device!


Once I’m done cleansing my face with this brush I notice a more radiant glow and my skin appears to look so smooth! This brush is very easy to use. Mia Prima has many different brush heads to work with your skin care needs. They have brush heads that’s for deep pore cleansing, revitalizing the skin, sensitive skin, radiance and acne. Choose the best brush for your skin care needs to get started on your new glowing skin. It is recommended to charge your brush before cleansing. Once your brush is charged apply your desired brush head. The next step is to

wet your face and brush and then apply your cleanser then it’s time to get started.

While cleansing I like to cleanse in circular motions. I start with my forehead cleansing for 20 seconds, then to my cheeks cleansing each cheek for 10 seconds, then to my nose for 10 seconds, then to my chin for 10 seconds! After cleansing I then rinse off my face and immediately I notice my skin looks more alive!

TIP 1: Do not apply a lot of pressure while using this brush because it can interfere with the motion of the cleanse and it can interfere with the effectiveness of the brush.

TIP 2: Please note it is important to run your brush head through water after each use removing any residue left on your brush after cleansing, you don’t want to put any of that dirt back on your skin once you use the brush again.

The Clairsonic Mia Prima Facial Cleansing & Pore Minimizing Skin Care Device retails for $99 and can be purchased at Sephora or Ulta Beauty. With purchasing this brush you’ll never have to buy another one again! With using this brush for your morning and night routine it is only recommended to replace your brush head every three months to avoid bacteria build up. The brush heads are retailed between $27 - $32. There are many skin care brushes out on the market that state to have the same benefits of Mia Prima. I would not recommended those brushes because many of those brushes aren’t a high grade like Mia Prima and may have brushes that can damage the skin due to hard bristles in the brushes. Your skin is important and this brush is worth the investment! Mia Prima works with your skins natural elasticity to cleanse much more than your hands or even a wash cloth. To know which brush head to purchase book a facial with me and get a full skin analysis to know what we can do to get your skin to its best level!


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